Aug 1, 2014 | Last Updated 07 mins ago
  • Toyo Wins Copyright Infringement Suit

    Toyo Tire & Rubber Co. and its American subsidiary, Toyo Tire Holdings of Americas Inc. emerged as the victors in a copyright complaint filed against a group of Chinese tiremakers and importers at the U.S. International Trade Commission. The ITC’s final decision in the case which was filed with the organization last September was announced on July 28th. The case was initially filed against 23 Chinese, Thai and American tire manufacturers, exporters, importers, dealers and distributors. Toyo claimed these entities had violated patents filed with regard to the design of the company’s tires like the Proxes 4, Open Country A/T tire and the Nitto Trail Grappler M/T.

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  • Automakers Petition Delay of Pedestrian-Alert Systems for EVs and Hybrids

    Just recently, automakers have requested the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to delay rules requiring electric vehicles and hybrids to be equipped with pedestrian-alert systems. With the U.S. agency behind the approval of a final regulation, the Association of Global Automakers and the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers sent a petition to NHTSA last week, persuading it to renounce a proposed phase-in period beginning 2016. The two groups urged the agency to target full implementation starting September 2018.

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  • McLaren Automotive to Showcase New Concept Car at Pebble Beach

    The McLaren racing team is the second oldest active team after Ferrari in the racing world and is well known for the technological innovations it has introduced in the racing world. The team will now use its presence at the 2014 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance race to showcase the latest concept car the company has developed for the race course, the McLaren P1™ GTR. The McLaren P1™ GTR design concept car will make its debut during an exclusive preview that is scheduled to be held at the McLaren Brand Center on the 18th Fairway at the Pebble Beach Lodge at 18.00 EST on Friday, 16 August and will be revealed to the general public at the Pebble Beach Concept Lawn over the course of the weekend. The car was developed in response to buyers of the road legal McLaren P1 who raised the demand for a race version of their car. The McLaren P1™ GTR will incorporate all the innovations developed by McLaren as an outcome of five decades of participation in the top league of F1 racing teams. It will be available only to McLaren P1 owners who will be provided with a fully comprehensive program covering training, vehicle support and driving events. Participants in the program will have access like never before to the technologies, resources and expertise McLaren has developed over the years to mould F1 champions.

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  • Discoverer A/T3 from Cooper Excels in Tests to Win Dual Awards

    The Overland Journal is renowned as a publication that deals with sustainable expedition and adventure travel. The magazine has now reported in its summer 2014 issue that it has honored American tire manufacturer Cooper’s Discoverer A/T3 light truck tire with two awards - its Editor’s Choice and Value Award. The decision to make the tire the winner of the dual awards was made after it was extensively tested against six other popular all-terrain tires in a set of 10 different evaluation exercises that compared the tire’s performance against six other tires based on pre-defined criteria such as high-speed control, wet-pavement traction and predictability. In all the tests, the A/T3 light truck tire revealed an impressive set of performance attributes both in on road and offroad scenarios. The tests for Overland Journal were performed by Joe Bacal, a former lead evaluation specialist for Toyota, and a Baja 250, 500 and 1000 winner with Team Lexus. A professional test driver who specializes in testing off-highway vehicles and one of the top names in testing four-wheel drives in the United States, he made sure all tires were pushed to their limit in dirt and pavement tests. Commenting on winning the awards, Scott Jamieson, Cooper's Director of Product Management said that the A/T3 is one of Cooper’s most sought-after light truck tires due to its performance, innovative features, and value. He added that the awards are further proof of Cooper’s ability to come up with quality tires that offer outstanding performance in addition to meeting the real-life performance needs of consumers. Scott Brady, Chief Evaluator and Publisher of Overland Journal said that in addition to exhibiting superior ride quality, skid pad handling and NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness) in pavement tests, the A/T3 performed exceedingly fast in dirt tests in a controlled 75-mph drift on the gravel oval. Joe Bacal summed up the tire’s qualities when he said that it was fast and smooth with limited oversteer and no notable overshoot upon countersteer.

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  • TRW Debuts New Electric Park Brake System with Giant Japanese Automakers

    With the growing number of road fatalities recorded worldwide due to faulty brakes and wrong parking, no wonder that electric park brake (EPB) systems are the latest trend in automobile technology. Just recently, Michigan-based TRW joined the list of suppliers launching the technology with three leading Japanese automakers, and will start production with a fourth vehicle manufacturer in the future.

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  • Continental Unveils New Electric Parking Brake Design

    Forgetting to release the parking brake causes a huge inconvenience--the car works sluggishly and gives off a burning smell. To put an end to this problem, premier automotive supplier Continental is now developing an electric parking brake (EPB) for drum brakes, which is anticipated to open up a world of possibilities for car designers. Designed for luxury cars, the new functionality may also be integrated into driver assist systems that can remove the brake as the driver touches the accelerator.

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Apollo Tyres Appoints Chief Technology Officer to Oversee Research Initiatives

In a short period of time, Apollo Tyres has made significant inroads into the global tire market. Now, the company has announced the appointment of Dr Seshu Bhagavathula as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) to oversee the research efforts related to tires for both passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles. He will be based at Apollo’s Global R&D Centre in Enschede, Netherlands and will supervise projects related to tire technology, research and new product development, while coordinating with the research, technology and design teams spread across the company’s locations across the world. He has also been inducted into the Management Board of the company. Speaking about the new appointment, Neeraj Kanwar, the Vice Chairman & Managing Director, of Apollo Tyres Ltd said that the company will be focusing on the two key pillars of Marketing and Technology for the next stage of its growth. He expressed his hope that the new CTO will be able to bring new synergy to research across all locations due to his vast experience and help the company to provide intelligent automotive solutions to buyers of Apollo tires. Dr Seshu has considerable expertise in the automotive field. He last worked as the Vice President of Research & Development at the Great Wall Motor Company in China. Prior to that, he had worked with Daimler AG in multiple locations handling product development and integration of engineering processes. He has dealt with both commercial and passenger vehicle segments and his expertise is mainly in the fields of strategic analysis, new product development and innovation.

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Chevrolet Makes Automatic Parking Assist Standard on Its SS Sedan

For motorists struggling to park their cars, the long wait is over—automatic parking assist is finally here. This path-breaking technology uses sensors on the front and rear bumpers to fully detect the width and depth of reverse and parallel right-angle parking spaces to provide hands-free parking assistance.

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