Aug 22, 2014 | Last Updated 30 mins ago
  • Continental Introduces New Range Of Tires Suitable Under All Weather Conditions

    Continental - the global automotive supplier and premium tire manufacturer has offered a wide range of its branded tires which are specifically developed for the Middle East Market and can withstand any weather conditions.

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  • Apollo Tyres Strengthens Presence In ME Market, Opens First Retail Outlet In Kuwait

    Apollo Tyres has strengthened its presence in the Middle East by opening its first branded retail outlet in Kuwait.

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  • NHTSA Unveils New, Free VIN Tool for Identifying Uncompleted Recalls

    In the United States, millions of vehicles are recalled annually due to safety defects or nonconformity to federal safety standards. The country's Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has recently launched a new, free, online search tool in an attempt to help car owners, buyers and renters know if their vehicles are safe and their safety defects have been addressed. The new tool, designed to help both dealers and consumers find out if a vehicle is directly affected by a recall, is available on www.safercar.gov/vinlookup, and offers a quick and simple way to find out uncompleted recalls by entering their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). All leading motorcycle and light vehicle brands can be searched.

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  • Smart Infotainment System Featuring 8-Inch Screen Arrives in Jaguar XE

    Premier luxury automaker, Jaguar, has recently confirmed the much-anticipated launch of its all-new XE, offering teasing pictures of the sport sedan’s front-end and engine. It also released details of the car’s new infotainment system, featuring 8-inch touchscreen. Located at the center of the touchscreen, the XE’s InControl infotainment system offers quick and easy access to all functions and features. It boasts voice control capabilities, which eliminate visual distraction by enabling drivers to keep their eyes focused on the road. It also comes with Wi-Fi connectivity for multiple devices, thus allowing both Android and iOS smartphone users to connect with the car from anywhere in the globe.

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  • Bosch Develops New Smartphone App that Reads Traffic Signs

    Aiming to provide motorists with a better and safer driving experience, Bosch has recently developed myDriveAssist app, which is designed to read traffic signs as well as to record and process other data for the latest vehicle functions. The information is collected by smartphones on the road, then examined by a central server and made available once again to the vehicle applications. The myDriveAssist app is available for free in Google Play Store and App Store. It utilizes the camera integrated in the smartphone to identify traffic signs as it is “driving by” and to recognize no-passing zones, cancellation signs and speed limits. Furthermore, the new Bosch app alerts the driver acoustically and visually not to exceed the speed limit.

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  • LG Chem Signs Deal with German Automaker to Supply Plug-In EV Batteries

    Leading South Korean electric vehicle (EV) battery maker, LG CHEM, has recently signed an agreement with Audi AG at approximately hundreds of millions of dollars, to supply batteries for the automaker’s plug-in vehicles. LG Chem, the globe’s largest battery manufacturer by sales, did not release details of the agreement, but confirmed it would assist Audi parent Volkswagen in boosting the slow sales of plug-in electric and hybrid vehicles. The manufacturer also revealed that it anticipates winning more such orders from the manufacturer in the future.

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German Automaker to Debut High-Tech Steel Pistons

Mercedes-Benz made a loud buzz in 1936 when it pioneered the launch of the 260D—a diesel passenger car. Years passed, and diesel automobiles rose to fame in the automotive world due to their outstanding efficiency and fuel economy. Currently, the premier automaker is building on that success with the launch of high-tech steel pistons in the Mercedes-Benz E 350 BlueTEC’s V6 diesel engine. With the new pistons, the car is anticipated to deliver the same engine output as would be attained with aluminum pistons (190 kW/258 hp) yet will only utilize about 5.0 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers—an improvement of approximately 3%.

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Toyota chooses Yokohama tires for 2015 Lexus models

The Yokohama Rubber Company has announced that Toyota has picked Geolandar and BluEarth tires for Lexus NX premium crossover SUV 2015 model.

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